What Tvs work with the Jailbroken Fire Tv Stick or Jailbroken Fire Tv Stick 4k?

The answer is simple, any tv will work that was made after 1990. The Stick simply requires an HDMI port which all tvs come with typically 2 or 3 hdmi inputs in the back of your tv. It does not matter if your tv is an HD TV, 4k TV, Smart Tv, or anything else, as long as it has this hdmi port.


Do you need a 4k tv for the Jailbroken Fire Tv Stick 4k?

The answer is absolutely not, it will simply change to the video format for you tv, the stick will work regardless. Many people use the Jailbroken Fire Tv Stick 4k on an HD TV simply because they may upgrade their tv in the near future. Any of our sticks, work on any tv, regardless of 4k, 1080p, HD, etc.

Can I use the Jailbroken Fire Tv Stick in a Hotel or Motel?

Definitely! We have multiple customers who travel who use our devices to get access to whatever content they want for free. This device allows you to always have unlimited content when your on the go.

Can I use the Jailbroken Fire Tv Stick in an RV Park?

Absolutely! We have multiple RV parks that have wifi connections that people stream with our Jailbroken Fire Tv Sticks consistently, we have even had people use projectors, plug the stick in, and have movie nights for the campgrounds!

Can I use the Jailbroken Fire Tv Stick on a cruise?

Yes. this stick can go anywhere and be used even in different countries, you simply need their wifi to connect to.

How to install your Jailbroken Fire Tv Stick

You do not need a smart Tv for this device. Only a TV with an HDMI port and wifi is required. Everything else is included in your purchase.

Once you receive your stick, you will remove the stick from your box and plug it into the back of your tv into the HDMI port. Make sure to plug the black micro usb cord into the stick and use the included power cube (insert it into an outlet) and plug it in. Insert the batteries into the remote and your good to go! Make sure your tv is selected on the correct hdmi input via your remotes source button!

Once plugged in, open the guide you will have received with your order. This is located within the mailing parcel we shipped you. This will walk you through the apps to utilize and gain you access to the free content you want to view!

If you get lost throughout any part of navigating the screens, simply hold the home button , select settings and select applications. Select the application you want to use and select force stop (force stop stops the application thats open in your stick and restarts it).Or simply unplug and replug your power into your stick!